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Boarding Actions

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Boarding Actions is an expansion for Warhammer 40,000, introduced in 2023, during the 9th Edition for the Arks of Omen campaign, and continued in the 10th Edition, offering players rules to take small forces into interiors for both matched play and narrative play.[1]


While many Warhammer 40,000 battles feature large armies clashing on the field of battle, Boarding Actions missions focus on small scale forces; those do not have access to the Detachment Rules, Enhancements or Stratagems featured in Codex or Index, but can instead utilise a new range of bespoke options specifically tailored to this game mode. Additional Enhancements and Stratagems, unique to each faction can be found in the various Arks of Omen books, alongside varied other missions.[1]

Game Board

The battlefield is made up of two Boarding Actions game boards, laid side by side to create the battlefield area. Each mission will contain a mission map that shows the important details required to play that mission, but also the layout of the two game boards and how they should be set up. In some missions this will be so that they are touching, but in others, it may require the two game boards to be separated.[1]

Each game board is made up of a series of squares, called Zones. These squares will often be used to denote certain areas of the battlefield, most commonly Entry Zones, which are used when setting up your units on the battlefield.[1]


Boarding Actions battles use unique terrain to lay out the claustrophobic corridors of the spacecraft where fights will take place. This terrain is highly modular and can be clipped together in a large number of different configurations. If you are playing a Boarding Actions mission, the mission map will also show where to set up the terrain features, along with the positions of each Hatchway.[1]

Each piece of terrain on the mission map will be coded, allowing to quickly identify which piece it corresponds to, and here that piece should be positioned on the game boards.[1]

Army Building

Army building was made possible trough Mustering Rules, downloadable pdfs supplements available on the Warhammer Community website.[2]