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Bodvar Bjarki

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Bodvar Bjarki[2]

Bodvar Bjarki was a Rune Priest of the Space Wolves during the Horus Heresy.


Serving in the 3rd Great Company, while in service to Malcador the Sigillite Bjarki led a squad of Space Wolves against Thousand Sons attempting to recover various Shards of Magnus. Bjarki and his pact alongside Yasu Nagasena the captive Lemuel Gaumon ultimately failed in stopping Magnus from recovering his shards. Upon learning of Dio Promus' crimes against loyalists in the past, Bjarki's forces killed the Librarian but took the possessed Lemuel Gaumon back to Malcador for study.[1c]

During the Siege of Terra Bjarki alongside his two remaining pack-mates fought alongside the Salamanders trio Atok Abidemi, Igen Gargo, and Barek Zytos at the Western Hemispheric wall section of the Imperial Palace. Apparently repelling a Thousand Sons assault. During the battle Bjarki summoned the power of both Fenris and Nocturne by combining his power with that of Abidemi, seemingly driving back an attack by Magnus the Red himself. During the battle Bjarki overloaded with the psychic power and would have slain both himself and Abidemi had the latter not severed their connection by cutting off his arm.[2]

The apparent repulsion of Magnus was however a ruse by the Crimson King, who instead infiltrated the Palace with a select entourage. Accompanied by the new Promeus, Bjarki's pack and the Salamanders confronted the Thousand Sons in the Throneroom before the Golden Throne. Bjarki seemingly defeated Ahriman in the battle, as the Sorcerer had been weakened by the anti-Warp wardings of the Palace. But before he could deliver the final blow Ahriman vanished from the Palace alongside Magnus after the Crimson King gave himself over fully to the powers of Chaos. After the battle the rest of Bjarki's squad was dead, and the sole survivor alongside the two remaining Salamanders joined forces with Garviel Loken and Nathaniel Garro.[2a]

Later during the final stages of the Siege, a badly wounded Bjarki is seen battling hordes of Death Guard at the Delphic Battlement.[3]

Bjarki's Squad

Bjarki's squad consisted of:[1a]


In Norse mythology, Bödvar Bjarki is the hero appearing in the Saga of Hrólf Kraki.

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