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Bohemond was High Marshal of the Black Templars in mid-M32 during the War of the Beast.


Bohemond was commanding the small Vulpus Crusade when the Warboss known as The Beast began his campaign against Segmentum Solar.[1a] Desperately trying to fend off attacks from Greenskins, Bohemond went on to help save survivors of the Fists Exemplar and expressed his intentions to reunite the scattered Successor Chapters of the Imperial Fists to confront this grave threat.[1b]

Bohemond later represented the Black Templars during the meeting between the Fists successor chapters in the Phall System[2], and led the Sons of Dorn expedition to the Sol System aboard the vessel Abhorrence.[3b] He subsequently led the combined attack on the Ork Attack Moon over Terra, and expressed his disdain for the High Lords of Terra in the aftermath of the tense meeting between the Last Wall's Chapter Masters and Lord Commander Udin Macht Udo.[3a]

Bohemond was later one of the central leaders of the Imperial invasion of Ullanor in the final push to kill The Beast. During the battle he was always at the forefront of Astartes advances, but proved insubordinate to both Koorland and even the returned Vulkan. Fed up with the High Marshal's challenges to Koorland, the Primarch stated that if Bohemond could lift his hammer Doomtremor he would allow him to become the new Lord Commander of the Imperium. However Bohemond proved unable, as did all the other contenders, while Koorland simply acknowledged that none save Vulkan was capable of lifting it.[4b]

During the final push on the Beasts temple-gargant, Bohemond again objected to Koorland when he ordered that the Astartes evacuate and let Vulkan fight The Beast alone. Koorland struck Bohemond, who simply remained on the ground in shame before evacuating with all the rest.[4a] Later during the second invasion of Ullanor, Bohemond saved Koorland from an attack from The Beast but was badly injured from the blast. The mauled but conscious Bohemond then witnessed the death of Koorland at the hands of the Beast. In the aftermath, he declared his wish to launch a Crusade to honor the memory of Koorland.[5] During the third campaign on Ullanor led by Maximus Thane, Bohemond commanded one of the five Imperial attack groups.[6]

After the war was won, Bohemond eventually confronted the Fists Exemplar Captain Zerberyn and his Iron Warriors allies. Bohemond would not listen to Zerberyn's arguments that the Iron Warriors be spared due to their contributions to the war, and eventually a battle broke out between the two sides. In the end, Zerberyn had the option of killing either Bohemond or Warsmith Kalkator. When Bohemond would not back down in his promise to call off the attack, he was killed by Zerberyn.[7]


  • Bohemond is treated as a regular Marshal in Predator, Prey, even mentioning that he answers to the High Marshal.[1b] Subsequent books treat him as the High Marshal of the Black Templars.


  • Bohemond was a prominent feudal lord during the First Crusade.

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