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The Bonegnashers are a Kroot Kindred that is currently employed by the Severan Dominate.[1b]

The Bonegnashers are an adventurous and violent Kindred. They are named after their propensity for completely devouring their enemies and leaving only bones.[1b]

Before entering the Dominate's employ, the Bonegnashers fought Orks on Pech and in the Koronus Expanse. They were the first Kroot to become involved in the wars in the Spinward Front after being enlisted by the Severan Dominate to help in the grinding conflict on Lukius against Waaagh! Grimtoof.[1b] The Bonegnashers' Warsphere appeared in orbit around Lukius and shot down several Kroozers on its way to the planet, before descending to the planet's surface and disgorging its troops.[1a] Once on-planet, the Bonegnashers' experience in fighting the greenskins allowed them to anticipate the Orks' mad assaults and draw them into ambushes that cost them significantly. In turn, the Orks had become used to fighting the disorganised native militias and were unprepared for facing cunning, disciplined hunters.[1b]

This effectiveness made the Bonegnashers an invaluable asset for the embattled Dominate. Additionally, the mercenaries' self-sufficiency, such as their willingness to regularly subsist on the Orks that fall beneath their blades, has helped relieve the stress placed by the war on the Dominate's overburdened supply lines.[1b]