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Book of Judgement

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The Book of Judgement is the legal code of the Imperium, enforced by the Adeptus Arbites. It has been painstakingly collected over centuries and has long ago spread beyond the confines of a single literal volume as it embodies every decree ever passed by the High Lords of Terra. Its most ancient decrees are written upon parchments of human skin, inscribed in unknown tongues by nameless functionaries of a forgotten age.[1]

Every day a hundred new volumes of encoded holoscript are added to its number. Volume upon leather-bound volume sits upon rows of iron shelves that fill the Hall of Judgement.[1] In this vast body of laws, rulings and precedents compiled through the Imperium's existence, the Judges find the resolution to uphold the Lex Imperialis (Imperial Law) from the words of the Emperor himself from the days he walked among men, to the most recent decrees of the High Lords of Terra.[2]

Judges carry a much smaller, field version known as The Book of Law, from which an officer of the Adeptus Arbites may read passages that strike fear into the heart of all wrong-doers.[2]

Background Information

In the Inquisitor Game, the concept behind the Book of Judgement was renamed as the Dictates Imperialis.

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