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Borgen Crassus

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial Guard General; for the other uses, see Crassus (disambiguation).

Borgen Crassus was a General of the Imperial Guard and one of the key commanders of the Macharian Crusade, commanding one of Lord Solar Macharius' Army Groups, Battle Group Crassus. [4] During the Crusade, Crassus oversaw the campaign against Adrantis Five as well as Kassari, Grommel, Mercator, Selenius, Vindicor and Mayama and brought scores of worlds back into the Imperial fold.[3][5b]

In his time under Macharius, he was noted for taking more than his share of war spoils, which he liberally shared amongst the guardsmen loyal to him, though his successes in battle protected him from facing consequences for this. [4][5b] As the Lord Solar's prominence diminished, Crassus began jockeying with the other Generals for power, undermining Macharius and building up his forces to make a bid for leadership. [5b] This eventually resulted in an assassination attempt on Macharius coordinated by the General's chief of staff and master of assassinations, Major Kelly. [5c] The attempt ultimately failed and Crassus was forced to flee, with much of his remaining forces being killed or co-opted into Macharius's second and final assault on Loki. [5d][5e]

After the death of Macharius and the resulting dissolution of his conquests in the Macharian Heresy, Crassus would remain steadfastly loyal to the Imperium. This has resulted in Crassus Armoured Transport being named in his honor and the General being canonised.[1][2]


Crassus is described as being a man of medium height, almost as broad as he was tall. His face was pockmarked and bore a scar that ran from over his right eye to the middle of his cheek causing the corner of his mouth to pucker up constantly. Given his access to advanced medical technology its likely that he chose to keep the scar for personal reasons. [4] As time passed he gained weight and developed several extra chins, though he still possessed an aura of intelligence and danger. [5a].