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Bork'an is a Tau Sept, a world within the Tau Empire.

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map bork'an.jpg Name Bork'an Bork'an Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: First
Location: Eastern Fringe Bork'an Fire Warrior.jpg
Colours: Turquoise Sept markings[3b]

Sept Information

Sept Colours
Uniform Variations
White/Grey (tundra), Blue/Black (urban), Green/Bone (jungle)[3b]


It was originally the homeworld of the Poctroon, but after disease devastated their race the Tau inherited it.[3a][4a]

It was founded as part of the First Phase Expansion. The center of education for the Tau Empire and is home to many universities and research centers,[1][2] including the most prestigious military training centre in all of the Empire.[4b] Its systems also has many rich mining planets and Fire Warriors of this Sept outfitted with the especially fine equipment and weapons.[7a] The warriors of Bork'an known as cerebral and restrained.[7b]

The Tau defeated a Tyranid invasion on Bork'an, with minimal losses on their side.[5]

Many of the empire's Earth Caste Tau come from this sept, which is covered in academic facilities. This led the Imperium to raid the planet in 939.M41 in attempt to kill as many Earth Case academics and students as possible in order to hinder Tau scientific growth.[6]