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Borz (Fallen Angel)

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Borz is a heavily scarred Fallen Angel[1a], who is also called Borz One-Eye[1b] due to having a solid metal patch covering his missing eye. He is among the Fallen who now loyally serve their returned Primarch, Lion El'Jonson[1a] as the Risen.[1d]


Before Caliban's destruction Borz was the Knight-Captain of the Dark Angels' Twelfth Company[1a] and was a natural leader. When he emerged into Realspace millennia later, Borz used his talents and ruthlessness to become the leader of a pirate fleet[1c] and he used the Honour's Edge as his flagship. The Fallen Perziel, Rufarel, Cadaran and Breunan would join Borz and were each given command of one of the fleet's warships. With the rest being commanded by trusted Human pirates. Under his leadership, the fleet attacked anyone they could, including the Imperium and even other Fallen. Borz ensured, however, that they also struck at the forces of Chaos, whenever possible.[1a]

He continued pirating after the Great Rift's creation, though his fleet was now trapped within the Imperium Nihilus. Sometime later, things drastically changed for Borz after he heard an Astropathic message from the Imperial world Avalus, claiming that the Dark Angels' Primarch Lion El'Jonson was there. This led him to immediately travel to the world, for if it was true, then Borz wished to pledge his pirates to El'Jonson' service. When they emerged into Avalus' System, though, it was under attack by a warfleet of the Ten Thousand Eyes Warband, who had heard those same messages. Borz ordered the pirate fleet to strike at the Warband and afterwards he made contact with El'Jonson aboard the Lunar Knight, which was the flagship of Avalus' defense fleet. Despite their aid, however, the Primarch was on guard as he had heard of Borz's piracy of the last few decades, which included attacking Imperial shipping across half a dozen systems. For his part Borz would not makes excuses for his actions, but now that the Primarch had returned, the pirate leader sought to pledge his fleet to El'Jonson. The Primarch accepted this and the two fleets then fought together and destroyed the Ten Thousand Eyes' warfleet.[1a]