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Botchulaz is a Great Unclean One and Daemon Prince of Nurgle.[1f]


Botchulaz claimed to have fought against the Emperor once, and that not even the latter could kill him.[1f]

In around M39, Botchulaz came to the Hive World Aerius to spread his plagues to the population, and blundered right into the trap of the ancient Eldar Black Pyramid. The Eldar, led by Farseer Kaorelle, dropped out of the sky, slaughtered the Imperial soldiers present, and began their rituals, trapping Botchulaz inside the pyramid[1f]. However, the Space Wolves, aided by the Inquisition and elements of the Imperial Guard, assaulted the Eldar before they could complete the ritual, and seized the Talisman of Lykos. During the conflict, the Talisman was broken into three separate parts, and whatever powers it had became dormant[1c]. One segment was taken by the Space Wolves, one by Inquisitor Darke, and one by the Galt Imperial Guard Commander Byran Powys as a trophy.[1b]

The Black Pyramid kept Botchulaz contained with its numerous wards, Eldar spirits, and intricate patterns which only revealed their flaw every three thousand years when stars were falling from the sky and the moons were in the right alignment.[Needs Citation] While imprisoned, Botchulaz could only telepathically communicate with his servants at certain times. He eventually discovered the location of each segment, and schemed to get them back[1f].

Through his manipulation and his followers, Aerius was smited by a deadly plague. Inquisitor Ivan Sternberg and his apprentice Karah Isaan, heeding the Oracle of Chaeron, began seeking the pieces to make the Talisman whole again to end the plague[1b]. Unbeknownst to Stern, his man, Commander Gul of the Inquisition Starship Light of Truth, was a follower of Botchulaz.[1f]

Stern acquired the first piece from the Space Wolves' Vault of Victory[1c]. With the help of the Space Wolves, they recovered the second piece from the Ork Warboss Gurg, whose warband had invaded Galt[1d], and the third piece from a Genestealer-infested Space Hulk[1e]. The completed talisman was taken to the central chamber of the Black Pyramid, despite even the warning of an Eldar ghost inside, and Botchulaz was set free. Botchulaz recounted to them the tale of his imprisonment, and called Gul forth to reward him.[1f] Ragnar Blackmane, however, shot Gul in the heart with his bolt pistol and killed him. Karah Isaan attacked Botchulaz with her psyker powers, but he fatally injured her[1g][1h]. Botchulaz re-animated Gul and ordered him to kill them all.[1g] He then began to weave a grand spell, tapping into the power of the Black Pyramid to fuel his sorcery, and animated the plague victims as Plague zombies[1i]. However, Sternberg and the Space Wolves distracted Botchulaz enough for Karah to use the Talisman of Lykos to seal him inside the Black Pyramid again.[1j] After that, the plague on Aerius died down swiftly.[1k]

Years later, when Ragnar was a Wolf Lord and the leader of his own Great Company, his Wolves were suppressing a Chaos rebellion on Hesperida, and Ragnar confronted a Chaos Sorcerer, who told him that "Lord Botchulaz sends his greetings."[1a]. Ragnar was unsettled by this, but was confident that the daemon's prison was still holding, and that, at worst, Botchulaz had managed to send a message to another one of his followers.[1k]


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