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Ork Boyz

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Slugga Boy

Boyz is the Ork term for the numerous rank and file Ork warriors which form the core of any Ork army.[2a]

Description and Variants

Ork Boyz are about 2 metres (6'6") tall[1a] when standing fully upright and vary greatly in their specific battlefield roles. Ork Boyz who occupy the same field of interest often band together in groups known as Mobs,[2b] frequently these mobs are led by an Ork Nob who epitomises the group's skills.[2a] As basic Ork troops, Ork Boys vary in weaponry and equipment. They are usually divided into the following categories.

Note that Ork Boy can fall into several categories, for example, if he is equipped with Shoota, 'Eavy Armour and Stikkbomms and rides into battle on a Trukk he would be a Shoota Boy, a Stikk Bomma, 'Ard Boy and Trukkboy at the same time.

Slugga Boyz

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Orkoid Species

Shoot! Smash! Chomp! Stomp!

Slugga Boy[3]

Slugga Boyz are generally armed with heavy, solid-shot pistols known as sluggas and brutal melee weapons known as choppas. A few scraps of flak jacket and a shoulder/back plate with the Ork's insignia make up the poorly maintained armour of a Slugga Boy. These are the most common and typical Orks, incarnating orkish nature at its most innate level. Anarchic brutes that love nothing more than a good fight, often leaving a horrific mess of whatever they attack on the battlefield.[2a] A Slugga Boyz Mob consists of 10 to 30 Slugga Boyz which may include a Nob. For every ten Orks in the Mob one might be armed with either a big shoota or a rokkit launcha.[2c]

Shoota Boyz

Dance, 'umie! Dance!

Shoota Boy[3]

Ork Boyz with a preference for the shooty side of combat are called Shoota Boyz and are armed with shootas instead of the basic slugga and choppa. Shoota Boyz however, have no appreciation for marksmanship, and are more addicted to the violent noise and heavy recoil of automatic gunfire. This is psychologically due to Ork belief that a firearm won't cause any real damage unless it makes a loud, terrifying noise.[2a] A Shoota Boyz Mob consists of 10 to 30 Shoota Boyz which may include a Nob. For every ten Orks in the Mob one might be armed with either a big shoota or a rokkit launcha.[2c]

Stikk Bommas

Stikk Bommas are those gifted with the knowledge of which part of a grenade is thrown once the pin is removed. For this reason they are equipped with stikkbombz but otherwise they are effectively identical to Slugga Boyz. A Stikk Bommas Mob consists of 10 to 30 Stikk Bommas which may include a Nob.[1b] Ork Stikk Bommas are similar to Slugga Boyz in that they are combat oriented. While they are less well armed, they carry stikkbombs (grenades of Ork manufacture) which allow them to take on opponents in cover and light vehicles much more effectively than basic Slugga Boyz.

'Ard Boyz

'Ard Boyz cover themselves in thick scrap metal plates that they've scavenged. This is the stuff of their armour and despite poor maintenance, the result is armour than can withstand most small arms fire. This gives the 'Ard Boyz the appearance of walking magnets though it is considered unwise to tell them.[2a] 'Ard Boyz are equipped with either Sluggas and Choppas or Shootas and can equip stikkbombz. An 'Ard Boyz Mob consists of 10 to 30 'Ard Boyz which may include a Nob. For every ten Orks in the Mob one might be armed with either a big shoota or a rokkit launcha. 'Ardboyz are heavily armoured Ork Boyz who own and wear 'Eavy Armour. Only veterans who have managed to survive many battles and slaughtered many foes have the chance to scavenge sufficient materials to build or purchase such an Armour. This also means that 'Ardboyz are excellent scavengers even above the normal Ork ability. 'Ard Boyz usually spearhead Ork advances as their increased durability allows them to survive heavy fire fights with barely a scratch. Mobs of 'Ardboyz retain all the versatility of classic Boyz mobs, thus being able to fill the roles of Shoota Mobs or Slugga Mobs, but usually go for the latter, as their armour proves more useful when close to the enemy. In the Ork hierarchy, 'Ard Boyz tend to hold a position just below Nobs (though given the unpredictability and flexibility of Orks this is not a hard rule). More techno-hesitant Ork Clanz (such as the Snakebites) tend to look down upon 'Ard boyz, seeing their love for heavy armour as a sign of weakness and cowardice. 'Ard Boyz are more frequent among the Bad Moons and Deathskulls Clanz, as both of those Clanz tend to be naturally wealthy or streetwise enough to gather the materials for the armour. They usually grow arrogant and laugh at their less-armoured comrade casualties, who in turn call them "walking magnets" (referring to their attitude to pick up scraps for their armour as they proceed in the battle) when not heard.[2c]

Spanna Boyz


Main article: Warbike

The Warbike of a Warbiker is his own individualised steed. Massive twin-linked dakkaguns are mounted upon it and the oil it consumes sends great clouds of smoky exhaust fumes out in pillars behind its wheels. Boyz who enjoy riding Warbikes are often Speed Freeks. Orks who get their adrenaline fix from the speed and uncontrollability of their bikes.[2h]

Warbikers are armed with Sluggas and Choppas and operate in Mobs of 3 to 12, which may include a Nob.[2k]


Main article: Madboyz

Physically identical to other orks, madboyz are not quite the same in the head. Mobs of Madboyz are considered to be a great sign of luck and good fortune for an ork settlement or Waaagh! however their presence is not always appreciated due to their outlandish and idiotic behaviour. Within a settlement Madboyz may spend their time in self-constructed eccentric shanty towns apart from other orks. Here they randomly hold shouting matches at the worst possible moment and search for non-existent lost items in the dwellings of other orks- not wise by any standards given the territorial nature of the race. When they go to battle Madboyz often band together and provide an unintentional retinue for a weirdboy, dressed in bizarre clothing and wielding anything that takes their fancy, from unconventional choppas to rusty buckets filled with pterasquirrels. The unpredictable movements and behaviour of Madboyz has beaten the greatest tacticians as their anarchic unhinged nature means that they are just as likely to pull apart an enemy squad with their bare hands as they are to become engrossed in picking each others noses in the heat of battle.[2l]


Main article: Flyboyz

Flyboyz are similar to Ork Speed Freaks, save for the fact that they get their thrill from flying. Members of the Flyboyz are not satisfied with the high speed of ground based vehicles and thus take to the air as part of their quest for greater acts of exhiliration. [3]