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Bozgat's Big Adventure (Audio Drama)

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Bozgat's Big Adventure
Author Guy Haley
Performer Tom Alexander, John Banks, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Matthew Hunt, Jonathan Keeble, David Seddon, Joe Shire
Publisher Black Library
Series Prophets of Waaagh!
Preceded by The End of Daze
Followed by The Waaagh! Faker
Length 22 min

Bozgat's Big Adventure is an audio drama in the Prophets of Waaagh! series written by Guy Haley.

Cover Description

Trapped alone (well apart from Frikk the grot, but he doesn't count, does he?), the mek Bozgat must find his way to safety – after he deals with a band of rebellious grots...

The latest adventure for the Red Sunz mekmob continues in the second part of a three-part audio drama! Bozgat, the smallest of the meks, runs out of fuel for his bike and is separated from the crew. Lost alone with Frikk the grot, he stumbles across a trading outpost deep in the desert and finds himself in trouble with a bunch of rebellious gretchin. Can Frikk save the day?