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Dossier picture of 'Brains'[1]

Who the man known as Brains was before 'volunteering' for the 13th Penal Legion is now lost, though unlike many of the other members of this covert organization, Brain's records seems to have suffered data corruption from an unknown source. Given his 'unique' talents it is possible Brains himself may have had something to do with the records corruption.[1]

What is known about Brains is that he was a former enlisted member of the Imperial Guard prior to his arrest for his creative edits to the regiment's pay database (bumping himself up several pay grades). As his nickname suggests Brains is a genius and something of an all around know-it-all, as well as an expert in most forms of technology. Within the "Last Chancers" he acts as vox operator and is armed with a lasgun.[1]

Whether his recent friendship with "Ox" is genuine or simply feigned in order to receive the big man's protection can only be guessed at, but the two are inseparable. "Ox" would take the injury or death of his best friend badly at best.[1]


This version of 'Brains' should not be confused with the Penal Legion Trooper Quidlon who died during the Brightsword mission.[2]