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Bran Redmaw

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Bran Redmaw is a Wolf Lord of the Bloodmaws Great Company of the Space Wolves as of late M41.[1a]


The Badge of the Bloodied Hunter[1a]

Bran's personal icon is the Bloodied Hunter, which fits him and his Great Company well. Bran and his followers are natural hunters, and Bran has a natural talent for second-guessing his enemies' moves. He specialises in encircling actions, positioning his Grey Hunters to lie in wait as his enemy flees in the face of his front-line advance. Once his enemy is trapped, Bran's Wolves unleash their savagery, and their enemy is literally torn to pieces,[1a]

The symbol of the Bloodied Hunter is associated with the Mark of the Wulfen, and there are a high number of battle-brothers in Bran's Company said to bear that curse. There are even rumors that Bran himself transforms into a monstrous creature in the heat of battle.[1a]

Bran Redmaw's de facto second-in-command is the Wolf Guard Skallagrim.[2]

Notable Actions

  • 894.M41: The Betalis Campaign[2]
  • 897.M41: The Battle for Montberg Spaceport. The Tyranid Hive Fleet Colossus approaches the civilised world of Thressiax, quickly outmatching the Imperial garrison. Imperial Command orders all Imperial forces on the planet to evacuate and leave the civilians to die, allowing the Tyranids to be slaughtered from space. Bran refuses to accept this and diverts two squads of Grey Hunters to Montberg Spaceport to train the human defenders in anti-Tyranid tactics, and to hold off the Tyranids long enough for the populace to evacuate. Against all odds, the defenders succeed, though only six Hunters survive. Imperial Command orders them stripped of all honours, but Bran ignores this order as well and promotes all six to his personal Wolf Guard.[1b]
  • 999.M41: During the Hunt for the Wulfen, Bran leads forces against Chaos Spawns and possessed miners near the gas giant of Fimnir, finding the Wulfen who come to their aid to slaughter their foes. However as other Imperial forces arrive, Bran and the Wulfen withdraw before the infestation is fully purged.[3]
  • M42 - The Cleansing of Brakhutos[4]