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Branne Nev

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Branne Nev[4]

Branne Nev was one of the 4 commanders of the Raven Guard during the Horus Heresy. He was placed in charge of the Raptors after the incident at the Drop Site Massacre.[1]


Branne Nev was born on Lycaeus and had fought along side Corax and his brother, Agapito Nev, to free Deliverance from the Tech-Guilds.[1x]

During the Drop Site Massacre Branne Nev came with a small force of 1,000 Raven Guard after the Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and Alpha Legion revealed they were traitors. When Branne arrived the Raven Guard were already retreating from Angron and his World Eaters. Branne Nev helped Corax and the remaining 3,000 Raven Guard escape with their lives.[1a] After the remaining Raven Guard and Corax were off the surface of Isstvan V Corax made Branne the Commander of Recruits.[1b]

When Corax went to the surface of Terra to meet up with the Emperor and seek guidance, Branne was ordered to stay on the ship instead of joining his honour guard. In this moment Corax thanked Branne for his assistance during the Massacre.[1c] During the creation of the new breed of Space Marines Branne suggested the naming them the Raptors. Corax liked the idea and officially named them as such. He later went on to command Raven Guard forces in the Battle of Ravendelve against the Alpha Legion[1d] and the Battle of Constanix II against the Dark Mechanicus.[2] He was also a key Raven Guard commander during the Battle of Yarant, where he tried to convince his Primarch to abandon his last stand and return to Terra.[3]