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Brass Scorpion

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Brass Scorpion[3]

Brass Scorpions[1], also known as Greater Brass Scorpions[2], are Super Heavy Daemon Engines dedicated to the Blood God Khorne.[1]


Believed by the Ordo Malleus to be the creations of the Dark Mechanicum, Brass Scorpions are deceptively fast and agile for a vehicle of their size. They excel at attacking fortified positions and engaging entrenched infantry, with the Daemon Engines seeming to be imbued with a predator's instincts. This has caused Brass Scorpions to show a level of bloodlust and delight for slaughter, rarely matched even my other machines found amongst the arsenals of Chaos forces[1]. In battle they unleash barrages from their Scorpion Cannons and Demolisher Cannons to disorientate their enemies' lines as the Brass Scorpions advance. However the Daemon Engines are possessed of a singular bloodlust and often favor close assaults over long ranged attacks. When they come in range of their foes, Brass Scorpions will unleash torrents from their Hellmaw Cannons and swing about with their powerful Hellcrusher Claws.[2]

There appear to be various configurations of Brass Scorpion in use by the traitor legions, ranging in size from that of a Leman Russ Battle Tank to that of small Titans. Like other many Khornate Daemon Engines, the Brass Scorpion is inscribed with Runes of the Blood God, granting it added defense against psychic powers.[1]


The Daemon Engines were first reportedly encountered by the Imperium, during the Horus Heresy and were thought to be forged in the image of the Ancient Terran constellation Scorpio. They proved to be deadly tools for the Dark Mechanicum's assaults on fortified positions and the Brass Scorpions were rivals for the super-heavies used by the Space Marine Legions. At that time, the Daemon Engines were armed with Scorpion Cannons, Despoiler Cannons, Hellmaw Cannons and two Hellcrusher Claws.[2]


Whilst there have been variations in armament noted, the most common weapon layout consists of:[1]

  • One tail-mounted Scorpion Cannon
  • One front-mounted Demolisher Cannon
  • Two Hellmaw flame cannons
  • Two large close combat weapons - usually in the form of large pincers, but occasionally as motorised saw blades




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