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Brazen Beasts

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The Brazen Beasts are a Khorne Warband.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Brazen Beasts -
Origin: Golden Blades[1b]
Leader: Unknown
Chaos dedication: Khorne
Colours: Armour the colour of bloodied brass,
red helms and shoulder guards[1c]
Strength: Unknown
Brazen Beasts Logo.jpg
Brazen Beasts Miniature.jpg


The Brazen Beasts were formed when a garrison of the Golden Blades Chapter are overcome by a strange madness while defending the Fortress of Intolerance against an attack by Daemons on the Imperium world of Ghahalla in M37. The Space Marines begin defacing their war machines with horrific symbols, and use blood rituals to subdue their Daemonic assailants and trap them within their tainted vehicles. With this act the first seeds of the Warband, who will soon become the Brazen Beasts are planted.[1b]

The Brazen Beasts later appeared during the Blood Crusade[2] and Fall of Ebon Vale.[3a] They also took part in the War of Beasts on Vigilus. and the Charadon Campaign.[4] At some point they are known to have wiped out the Ghoresh.[5]


In battle the Brazen Beasts deploy hordes of Daemon Engines that lead the Warband's charge, as they tear into their enemies. The Warband's use of Daemon Engines stems from their worship of the Daemons known as the Gorethunder Cohort, which pounds their foes into oblivion with massed batteries of Skull Cannons and rampaging Soul Grinders. In imitation of the Gorethunder, the Brazen Beasts have assembled a mighty stable of Forgefiends, Maulerfiends and Defilers, which they transport deep within the bowels of their Space Hulk, the Oblivion Shadow. There the Daemon Engines' needs are attended to by a coven of Warpsmiths that have been enslaved by the Warband. Chief amongst these infernal engines is a mighty Lord of Skulls, known as the Caged God, which serves as a towering war-idol that is worshiped by the Brazen Beasts. It is the frenzied visions of this abomination that guide the Brazen Beasts through the void, and leads them to fresh victims for the slaughter.[1a]

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