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Breaching Augur

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The Breaching Augur is a tool turned into an weapon by the Techmarines of the Deathwatch, a powerful impact drill initially designed for use in mines and foundries. Made of super-dense adamantine alloys and fitted with a matter-wave generator that causes the augur to vibrate millions of times per second.[1]

Deathwatch Techmarines often use this tool to great effect for breaching walls, bulkheads and destroying fortifications and vehicles. The augur can also be used against individual enemies with gruesome effect, rending flesh and drilling holes through armour and carapace alike. Heavy, a breaching augur comes with a harness mount for ease of use, but can also be fitted to a Techmarine's servo-harness. Breaching augurs can also be grafted onto servitors, and even implanted as a cybernetic limb on a wounded Space Marine.[1]