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Breath of the Gods

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The Breath of the Gods, known to the Eldar as the Caoineag is an ancient C'tan device of incredible power.[1]

The device is capable of syphoning the energies of stars themselves both in the past, present, and future, giving the C'tan's essentially an unlimited source of power. It was also capable of creating new solar systems through its time manipulation. However its temporal capabilities are extremely dangerous and if used improperly could erase the entire timeline.[1a]

The Magos Explorator Vettius Telok originally led an expedition in search of the Breath of the Gods, but he was ultimately declared lost.[2] Unknown to the Imperium was that Telok had indeed discovered the artifact but had gone quite insane in the process, intending to use it to scour Terra and Mars of life and ruling as the new Emperor.[1b] Through he originally intended to use the technologies of the Noctis Labyrinth to properly use the device, he discovered the entropic abilities of the Hrud could produce the same desired effect. To this end he experimented on a captive Hrud colony on his personal Forge World of Exniliho.[1c]

Telok's ambitions were ultimately thwarted by Archmagos Lexell Kotov and the Kotov Crusade as well as Biel-Tan Eldar under Bielanna Faerelle. When Telok was slain by Lexell Kotov aboard the Ark Mechanicus Speranza, the semi-active Breath of the Gods was torn apart without its leader in place to control it and its Hrud compliment freed.[1d]