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Commander Brightsword

The original Commander Brightsword served along side Commander Farsight, in the Arkunasha War[1a] against the Waaagh! Dok lead by Warboss Toofjaw[1b]. Since his death many Commanders have since taken up the name Brightsword, seven known so far[1e], all serving under Farsight; from the Damocles Crusade and the defense of the Sept world of Dal'yth[1c], to the Farsight Expedition[1d] and centuries after the founding of the Farsight Enclaves[1e]. The latest Commander Brightsword is part of Farsight's The Eight and though half a dozen generations separate him from the original, he has inherited all of that lineage’s legendary ferocity, and like those before him, has pledged his life to the service of Farsight and the Enclaves.[1f]

It is also known that before his renegading from the Tau Empire, Brightsword sullied his honor during the famous Koloth Gorge Massacre in the Nimbosa campaign, where he so cruelly ordered to destroy all of the human warriors, that he was summoned back to T'au to answer for this evil doing.[2]

The dark truth behind Brightsword is that each bearer of the title are not volunteers but rather clones of the original manufactured by O'Vesa.[3]

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