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Brimlock Dragoons

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Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Brimlock Dragoons -
Homeworld: Brimlock
Regiment Name: Brimlock Dragoons
Specialities: Armoured Warfare

The Brimlock Dragoons are Imperial Guard Regiments.


Dragoons are organized not in squadrons or troops like cavalry, but in companies similar to infantry regiments. Officers and non-commissioned officers bear infantry ranks. Dragoon is the traditional name for a soldier trained to fight on foot but who transports himself on horseback, or in the case of the Brimlock Dragoons, Chimeras. Regiments borne from Brimlock have large numbers of Armoured Fist squadrons.[Needs Citation]

Recruitment & Training

The Brimlock Dragoons are recruited from the planet Brimlock and are trained in the standard fashion of the Imperial Guard. Regiments are organized into three Battalions.[Needs Citation]

Battle Style

Dragoon Regiments operate as mechanized infantry, deployed into Armoured Fist squads.[Needs Citation]


The Brimlock Dragoons use Cadian pattern equipment and the M-Galaxy pattern Lasgun.[Needs Citation] They are also known for their kukri-style daggers.[5]

Notable Regiments

Brimlock 4th Dragoons

742.M41 - Involved in the Damocles Gulf Crusade.[3] They also participated in Operation Hydra.[4a]

Brimlock 8th Dragoons

998.M41 - The regiment was assigned to the 4621st Imperial Army, XI Corps during the Taros Campaign. The XI Corps was to assemble after the X Corps had departed and act as a second wave for the invasion. The 8th was selected because of its experience in fighting the Tau around the Damocles Gulf. The 8th was wiped out when its transport convoy was attacked and destroyed by a Tau battlegroup led by the Lar'shi'vre-class cruiser Io'Tar.[1]

Brimlock 17th Dragoons

  • Circa 750.M41 - During the Damocles Crusade on the world of Sy'l'Kell, an armoured column of the Brimlock 17th Dragoons were in transit to the front lines from their landing zone when they were ambushed by Kroot.

The column's forward scouts were eliminated by Kroot Carnivores before they could get a warning off to the regiment following behind. As the main body of the regiment pushed through a narrow forested defile, the Kroot fell on them. Three Kroot kindred were involved in the attack. Surprise was complete and scores were killed in the opening moments of the ambush. Colonel Konstantin Griffin and Commissar Eigerman (alt. Eurbayn) quickly recovered and held the Imperial line long enough to fight clear of the trap. From then on the column was continually harried by the Kroot, until Colonel Griffin linked up with the Space Marines of the Scythes of the Emperor. By the time the columns linked up, the regiment had lost two Scout vehicles, thirty Guardsmen and Commissar Eigerman. The Commissar was air-lifted out with severe wounds. With the two Imperial forces combined the Kroot faded away, deeming the combined strength too much for direct confrontation. With the Space Marines in hot pursuit of the forces of the first ambush, a second ambush was sprung on the column. This time the Kroot were backed up by armoured Tau vehicles. Colonel Griffin was killed and his column destroyed.[2]

Brimlock 19th Dragoons

  • Damocles Crusade - The regiment was left behind in Tau space after Crusade forces withdrew to be redeployed against Hive Fleet Behemoth. According to Tau propaganda, the regiment surrendered after all of their Commissars had (allegedly) been killed in combat and was allowed to settle a world under the control of the Tau. Private Jeakim Slovaz, listed as M.I.A. in the Damocles Crusade fronted this propaganda broadcast decades after the conflict and was declared Excommunicate Traitoris.[3]

Miniatures Range

The Brimlock Dragoons are based on a variation of the Cadian model.[4b]

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