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Brin Milo

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Brin Milo[7]

Brin Milo was a member of the Tanith First and Only, a.k.a. Gaunt's Ghosts.[1][2]


Early Life

Before the events that led him to join the Ghosts, Milo served the household of the Elector of Tanith as an attendant and a musician.[3d]

During the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, the Imperial world of Tanith was called on to raise its first regiments to serve in the Astra Militarum. The overall commanding officer for these regiments was to be Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, who came to oversee the regiments' founding some time after the Battle of Balhaut. When Gaunt arrived on Tanith, the Elector appointed Milo to serve as a guide and attendant.[2][3a] Tanith was later attacked and destroyed by Chaos raiders; Milo was the only civilian amongst the survivors evacuated from the planet - notably he was rescued by Gaunt himself after Milo had saved Gaunt in turn from a number of Chaos Cultists.[1][3a][3d]

Although he had not enlisted with the regiment, Milo was left little choice but to join them but, as he was not of age at the time, he was officially made Gaunt's adjutant. He also served as both the regimental musician and, unofficially, as the regiment's "mascot"[1][3d] (though he disliked being considered as a lucky charm).[5a] Milo proved a most able aide for Gaunt, due to his impeccable intuition when it came to anticipating Gaunt's needs in the field.[1][2][3c] His ability was such that some suspected him of being a psyker.[3d]

Despite not being an enlisted Guardsman at this point, he tended to follow Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and so, due to Gaunt's habit of leading in the field, Milo nonetheless found himself facing the enemy on a number of occasions. The first notable time this happened was in the Caligula campaign; Milo and Gaunt were on a troop-ship which was brought down by a psychic storm over Nero Hive. Thanks to Gaunt's leadership, the survivors of the crash managed to make it off Caligula alive and reunite with the rest of the Crusade.[3b]

Formal Enlistment

Milo eventually came of age during the Monthax campaign, receiving the brevet-rank of Trooper.[3c][3e] Gaunt was initially going to have him accompany Colonel Corbec in the field[3c] but just before commencing a major action against the Chaos Cultists advancing through the jungles on Monthax Gaunt instead assigned him to shadow Major Elim Rawne and Third Platoon under the pretext of urging them on and bolstering them with his pipes.[3e] Following the deployment on Monthax, Milo continued to serve as a Trooper[4a], although he still kept his Tanith pipes on him if his comrades needed the music.[4c]

On Verghast, he was part of the Tanith force that contributed to the defence of the Veyveyr Gate against the Second Storm of the hive by the Ferrozoicans, where he noted that his association with Gaunt resulted in some Troopers treating him with a natural authority despite his age and rank.[4b] After Trooper Baffels was promoted to Sergeant, Baffels asked Milo to be his unofficial second, as Baffels believed that his men would rally behind Milo.[4c]

Following the Saint

While on Hagia, Milo was part of the honour guard sent to retrieve the remains of Saint Sabbat from their resting place after Lord General Lugo ordered the evacuation of the planet in the face of incoming Chaos reinforcements. After the honour guard was ambushed by Infardi cultists, however, Milo was chosen by Commissar Viktor Hark to take one of the convoy's trucks and escort the wounded back to the Holy Doctrinopolis.[5b] After reaching the city, he met up with Colonel Corbec (who had remained behind rather than join the honour guard due to injuries sustained in the fighting to retake the Doctrinopolis). Corbec and a number of other Tanith had been experiencing visions of the Sabbat Martyr and had decided, in defiance of their orders to evacuate Hagia, to take a Chimera and travel to the Shrinehold themselves. Milo was among the five Troopers who accompanied Colonel Corbec and Captain Daur on this journey.[5c] Over the course of their journey to the Shrinehold, Milo fell in love with Sanian, a native Hagian esholi scholar girl whom he convinced to act as their guide. Even after leaving Hagia, Milo often found himself thinking of her.[6a]

Later, in 771.M41 during the Phantine campaign, Milo was one of sixteen Tanith slected personally by Colonel-Commissar Gaunt to take part in Operation Larisel.[6b] Milo, Doyl, Nessa and the Skyborne Specialist Cardinale were assigned to team Larisel 3 under Sergeant Adare.[6c][6d]


As with many Tanith, Milo has a tattoo - in his case a blue fish above his right eye.[2][3a]