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Bringers of Decay

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The Bringers of Decay are a warband of the Black Legion which worships Nurgle.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Bringers of Decay -
Chaos dedication: Nurgle[1]
Colours: Black, putrid green[1]
Strength: Unknown

Under the control of Skyrak Slaughterborn, this faction is popular within the Black Legion and have converted many to their cause. In battle, they serve as Abaddon's plague carriers and biological warfare specialists, often appearing as heralds to invasion to spread disease. Because of their repugnant, diseased state, few other factions within the Warband have anything to do with the Bringers of Decay.[1]

They took part in the Diamor Campaign as a part of the Hand of Xorphas — army of Chaos Sorcerer Xorphas.[2]

Known Bringers of Decay

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