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Broken Ones (Exorcists)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Exorcists' failed Aspirants; for the Necromunda gang, see Broken Ones (House Cawdor).

The Broken Ones are failed Exorcists Aspirants, who house the expelled Daemons used in the Chapter's Daemonic Possession trials.[1]


They were first created by the Chapter's Plutonian Ordo Malleus allies, who discovered the Exorcists' ability to serve as vessels of imprisonment. While the process destroys the Broken Ones' minds, as it causes them to enter a state of deathless torture, their bodies can house several Daemons for centuries. In this way, the Exorcists can ensure the imprisoned Daemons are unable to share any of the Chapter's secrets, they have learned. Housing the Broken Ones on the Chapter's Homeworld, Banish, would be unthinkably dangerous, though, and they are instead, placed within the secret prison-craft known as the Purgatomb. There the Broken Ones are left to writhe and scream, locked within the hyper-dense walls of their warded cells. While the Purgatomb's location has rarely been discovered by those outside of the Chapter, none know of the cargo it carries. This is just as well, for if even a single Broken One were to escape, the consequences for the Exorcists, and perhaps the Imperium itself, would be catastrophic.[1]