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Broodlord miniature (Space Hulk 3rd Edition)

Broodlords are a Tyranid leader organism, regarded as the epitome of the Genestealer breed.[1]


The Broodlord is always the first Genestealer to make planetfall when the Tyranids first infest a world[1], and lead the Genestealers in their bloody ambushes.[2]

They are even more powerful than the standard Genestealer, and are specifically adept at infiltration to get closer to the enemy. They are very adaptable and highly intelligent as well as being a synapse creature that allows them to function independently from the Hive Mind. Their powerful talons can cut through most materials with ease.[1]

When a Tyranid hive fleet enters an infested system, the Hive Mind asserts its synaptic dominion over the Broodlord and its clan.[2]

Basic Information

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record
Designation Broodlord
Common Title Leech Master
Main Weaponry Scything claws and Rending Claws
Secondary Weaponry
Species Name Corporator primus
Average Height 2.8m
Average Weight 0.3 tonnes
First encountered
Role Infiltration assault
Threat evaluation High

Notable Broodlords


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