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Brotherhood of Darkness

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The Brotherhood of Darkness are a Chaos Space Marine warband. They took part in the Quabbalis Heresy in M40.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Brotherhood of Darkness.jpg
- Brotherhood of Darkness -
Chaos dedication: Unknown
Colours: Black with red trim and yellow glyphs
Strength: Unknown


Ships belonging to the Brotherhood of Darkness are known to have ambushed a convey of cargo vessels and transport and civilian passenger crafts in the Pandraxx Subsector in 003.998.M41. The convey was completely destroyed with no Imperial survivors.[2]

At an unknown point after the Horus Heresy the Brotherhood of Darkness assaulted an Imperial Astropathic Relay Station near the Eye of Terror, alongside Ahzek Ahriman during his exile from the Thousand Sons. They burned the Astropaths alive and massacred the civilians aboard.[3]

Known Ships

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