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Brotherhood of the Moon

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the White Scars formation; for the short story by Chris Wraight, see Brotherhood of the Moon (Short Story).

The Brotherhood of the Moon was a Brotherhood of the White Scars Space Marine Legion, active during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. They were officially designated as the Legion's 64th Company.[1a]


The Brotherhood of the Moon was noted for being far more regimented and disciplined than the average Brotherhood, partly as a result of fighting alongside the Luna Wolves for long periods of the Crusade.[1a][1c]

In particular the Brotherhood of the Moon rarely made use of one of the White Scars' standard tactics, the feigned retreat, instead adopting the Luna Wolves' attitude of never retreating from the enemy in a battle. In addition, the Brotherhood maintained more heavy weapons in their arsenal, distributed among support squads, including rarer examples like volkite culverins.[1c]


By the tail end of the Great Crusade, the Brotherhood of the Moon was commanded by Torghun Khan.[1a]

Around the time of the Ullanor Crusade, the Brotherhood of the Moon participated in a Compliance operation on Khella. The Brotherhood was later amongst those White Scars deployed in the Chondax Campaign, hunting down surviving orks that had fled the Imperium's wrath following the Ullanor Crusade.[1a][1c][1d]

Heraldry & Nomenclature

The Brotherhood's name in Khorchin uses a generic word for "moon". However, the Brotherhood is actually named in honour of a specific moon - Luna (Terra's moon) - rather than one of the two moons that orbit the White Scars homeworld, Chogoris.[1a][1b]

Known Members