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Bryan Ansell

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Bryan Ansell was one of the pioneers of Games Workshop, founding Citadel Miniatures in 1979, and at a later date bought out Games Workshop, becoming Managing Director.


Along with Rick Priestley, the Perry Twins, and others including Richard Halliwell, John Blanche, Jervis Johnson, Alan Merrett, Ansell was responsible for the massive Warhammer (later Warhammer Fantasy Battle) boom of the mid to late 1980s, which many long-term wargamers now refer to as 'the Golden Era'. In many ways it was the Warhammer game developed by Ansell (and Priestley) that made Games Workshop so successful and which has enabled the continued growth of the company since.

After another Games Workshop buy out, and a change of emphasis by the company towards a younger market, he left Games Workshop to concentrate on Wargames Foundry. Another figure manufacturing company set up in the mid 1980s by Ansell, Wargames Foundry was established to market historical miniature ranges originally sculpted by the talented Perry Twins for Citadel Miniatures, but no longer sold as part of the Games Workshop fantasy ranges. Ansell took with him a number of other moulds for figures which had been variously used for both historical and fantasy figures under Citadel Miniatures and Games Workshop and these have since become part of the ever growing Wargames Foundry range.


  • Laserburn (1980) Sci-fi tabletop rules
  • Imperial Commander (1981) background material to Laserburn, an influence on Warhammer 40,000



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