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Bulkhead Shears

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Bulkhead Shears are tools used for cutting through the thick deck plates and bulkheads of voidships and can be used as both a breaching tool and a close combat weapon. Adapted by Deathwatch Techmarines from the Jericho Reach from an industrial tool used commonly in heavy manufactoria, these tools are smaller and more man-portable than a chainfist, and can be deployed with Kill-teams without the support of Terminator Armour.[1]

Bulkhead shears are made up of two heavy, chisel-tipped adamantine blades that can be driven between hull or deck plates or in gaps between hatches and bulkheads and then forced apart by heavy-duty hydraulic systems. The tool is worn on a special harness with a built-in power system and wielded with both hands, but can also be mounted to a Techmarine's Servo-harness. Used in combat, the blades of a set of bulkhead shears have no difficulty in tearing un-armoured targets to shreds, and they have even proven useful at separating reluctant Chaos Space Marines from their heretical power armour.[1]