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Bullets, or Finds-Bullets-He-Has-Not-Lost in the Ork tongue, is a Warlord who commands Ghazghkull Thraka's Deathskulls forces[1a] and is part of his Counsill of Clan-Bosses.[1b]


He was originally the second-in-command, of Warlord Dregmek's Deathskulls forces on Urk. This changed, though, when Ghazghkull Thraka began his quest to unite all of Urk's Orks under his command. In order to do so, Thraka had to challenge its Clan Warlords and Dregmek was the first to fall. After the Warlord was killed as he watched on with other Orks, Bullets then took command of the Deathskulls. Thraka would offer him a chance to fight as well and though Bullets was tempted, he declined. The new Warlord somehow knew that if he served Thraka instead, then he would be able to take part in many grander battles. Thraka agreed that he was right and so Bullets and the Deathskulls were the first Orks to place themselves under Thraka's command.[1a]

After Thraka conquered Urk, he began the Second War of Armageddon which Bullets and the other Counsill of Clan-Bosses took part in. However when the War began to stall for Thraka's hordes, the Warlord escaped to Golgotha along with his Counsill[1c]. They later returned to begin the Third War of Armageddon[1d], until Thraka decided to leave and undergo a quest to unite all of the Galaxy's Orks under his command. Before he departed from Armageddon, though, the Warlord sent the Counsill Clan-Bosses to start wars of their own elsewhere, even as the majority of his hordes continued to fight for the world[1e]. The Counsill later reunited under Thraka's command[1h], and fought against the Space Wolves' Blackmanes Great Company in the Battle of Krongar[1f]. When the Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane[1g] killed Thraka[1h], Bullets took command and held the Warlord's hordes together until the Mad Dok Grotsnik and Makari the Grot[1i] resurrected Thraka.[1j]