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Bully Boyz

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The Bully Boyz are a mob band of elite Ork fighters consisting of the meanest and largest of their kind in the galaxy. They trace their origins to the warriors that fought alongside Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka when he was a common Goff foot soldier on his homeworld of Urk. These Urkish warriors eventually joined Thraka's war horde and became the fiercest warriors in the entire Orkdom. Each band of Bully Boyz is led by a Warboss who serves as a lieutenant of Ghazghull. As Thraka's Waaagh!s are massive, Bully Boyz Warbosses are often spread about the Orkish forces and this "Old Boyz" network is actually key to their leader's success. They provide a useful coordination tool in large campaigns as they keep an eye on Warbosses of other clans and bring them in line.[1]

On many occasions when Waaaghs! are in full force, Ghazghull will form the band of Bully Boyz around himself for old times' sake. At such moments, they form an unstoppable band of warriors on the battlefield that go to great lengths to find their enemies' most elite soldiers. This is because the Bully Boyz are known to be extremely arrogant and are stubborn in their single-minded pursuit - once they decide to kill something, there are very few ways of stopping them.[1]