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2drones.gif This article is about the 13th Company Wolf Lord; for the Lone Wolf, see Bulveye the Berserker.
Bulveye battles Izzakar Orr in the Battle of Prospero

Bulveye Greybeard[5], known as the Old Wolf, is the Jarl of Dekk-Tra, the Space Wolves 13th Great Company, who led them into the warp after the Battle of Prospero. Like many of the 13th Great Company, Bulveye suffered from the Curse of the Wulfen.[2]


Bulveye was one of the 'Old Guard', the older Legionaries of Dekk-Tra that fought alongside Leman Russ on Fenris before the coming of the Allfather.[2] He was the Huscarl of Jarl Jorin Bloodhowl's Wolf Guard at the time of the Dulan Campaign.[4a]

Later in the Great Crusade, Bulveye succeeded Bloodhowl as Jarl of the 13th Great Company, known as the Wolf Brothers, during and commanded the 954th Expeditionary Fleet. He led Imperial forces in the Battle of Kernunnos[1] and later fought in the Burning of Prospero, at the end of which he led his Great Company into the warp in pursuit of the surviving Thousand Sons.[2]

Nearly ten thousand years later, he fought alongside Ragnar Blackmane on the "shadow" of Charys to prevent the Sorcerer Madox from completing a ritual to destroy the Space Wolves using the Spear of Russ.[3]


Bulveye carried a chainsword in the Dulan Campaign,[4b] later wielding eldingverfall — "the storm's strike" - a rune-inscribed power axe with a haft bound in sealskin.[2]