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Burna Boyz

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Tuffruk, Ork Burna Boy[2b]

Burna Boyz are Orks obsessed with fire that use Burnas on the battlefield.

Description and Abilities

Flame has an undeniable appeal to all Orks, but some of them take this mania to the next level. An Ork's fascination with fire and the ignoble art of setting things aflame may become so profound that he finds himself acquiring a Burna and joining the ranks of the Burna Boyz. They are passionate arsonists, who love to burn everything - from people's stuff to their owners. The dual spectacle of leaping fire and screaming victim is a thing of undeniable beauty to all Burna Boyz, and they will always find a reason to set something on fire.[1][2a]

They are tolerated, because the benefits of having these lunatics in any warbands outweighs all the trouble they cause. Burna Boyz also play an important role in Ork society, otherwise they would have been thrown out long ago. Using their Burnas as cutting torches they help construct Ork war machines under the eyes of Mekboys. They are also invaluable during salvage operations. They usually work for Meks as long as they are given fungus beer to drink and stuff to cut.[1][2a]

In battle they are usually led by a Mekboy who ensures that they set the enemy on fire and not other Orks. They can also help him in field repairs of damaged Ork War machines. In combat they are very effective troops, ideal for flushing out enemies hiding in ruins and woods, expecially when several Burna Boyz combine their fire into a single all-engulfing inferno. When facing heavy infantry they can switch to the cutting torch option, cutting through any armour with ease. For this reason they are known as "kan openers" and play an important role on a battlefield.[1][5]


Their equipment includes heavy hide war harness and webbing, taking some of their Burnas' weight and allowing them to wield it more easily. It is often used as a convenient place to hang a few armour plates and glyphs, invariably bragging about various kills or former campaigns. Another important item is the drop down mask, that prevents an Ork from blinding himself or burning his own face off in flame backwash. Burna Boyz always carry around as huge a tank of "burnin' brew" as they can, to be able to flame as long as possible. Finally, Orks in Mek Warbands often have some tools for field repairs, and particularly thoughtful Burna Boyz carry aroud some kind of Choppa or Slugga to use when fuel finally runs out.[2a]


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