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Butcher's Nails (Audio Book)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Audio Drama; for the surgical procedure, see Butcher's Nails.
Butcher's Nails
Cover art by Neil Roberts
Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Performer Seán Barrett (narrator), Rupert Degas, Charlotte Page, Chris Fairbank, David Timson (performers)
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Preceded by Garro: Legion of One
Followed by Grey Angel
Released May 2012
Collected in Angron
Legacies of Betrayal

Butcher's Nails is an audio book story in the Horus Heresy Series. It was written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and released on May 29, 2012. It was re-published, in prose format, in Angron (Anthology).

Cover Description

The primarch Angron: gladiator-king and Horus's lunatic attack dog. Never having hidden his resentment for his brothers, he now carves a bloody swathe through the galaxy in the Warmaster's name, with the Heresy providing a convenient excuse to indulge his love of brutal warfare. When they are tasked with a secretive mission alongside the Word Bearers Legion, the World Eaters' violent tendencies soon attract the attention of xenos raiders, troubled by the portents surrounding the primarch's berserk fury and his ultimate destiny as "the Blood God's son"...