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The Butcherhorde is a warband of World Eaters Chaos Space Marines.

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Butcherhorde Berzerker.jpg
- Butcherhorde -
Origin: World Eaters
Leader: Khârn the Betrayer
Chaos dedication: Khorne
Colours: Red and Brass trim
Strength: Unknown
Butcherhorde Symbol.jpg


The Butcherhorde led by the infamous Khârn, the Butcherhorde was formed originally from the insane Berzerkers who followed The Betrayer. Over time as he has slaughtered his way across the Galaxy - from the Sundered Reach to Pandoric Colonies, the warband has grown to encompass all manners of Khornate devotees. These include ordinary Chaos Space Marines, Cultists, mutants, Daemon Princes, and Daemon Engines (including Brass Scorpions and Lords of Skulls).[1]

Notable Members

Notable Vessels

Notable Campaigns

Other Sub-Warbands

Except the Chaos Space Marines of Kharn's warband in the Butherhorde army also were included other Chaos Warbands:[1]

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