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Buzzgob is a powerful and brilliant Ork Mek-Boss and the right-hand Ork of Warlord Garaghak.

Indeed, Buzzgob can be said to be the true genius and power behind Garaghak's operations in the Forsarr Sector, developing powerful weapons for the Warlord's forces in his own private manufacturing city of Mekslaglkks based on the world of Kastorel-Novem.[1a] Seeking to put an end to the threat Garaghak posed to the sector, the Imperium would send a strike force of Raven Guard Space Marines and Elysian Drop Troop Imperial Guard to kill Buzzgob and destroy his factories on Kastorel-Novem. In the end however the plan failed, and Buzzgob continues to develop ever-more devastating weaponry for Warboss Garaghak and continues to play his role in Waaagh! Garaghak.[1b] Buzzgob leads his own private army of Deff Dreads, Mega Dreads, Killa Kans, and Stompas known as Buzzgob's Dreadheads.[1c]


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