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Byzant Janizars

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The Byzant Janizars were an Imperial Army unit attached to the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet during the Great Crusade and commanded by Hektor Varvarus. On every planet conquered by the 63rd, the Janizars provided occupation forces and the Imperial Commander. They took part in all actions undertaken by the 63rd.[Needs Citation]

Pre-Heresy campaigns

Horus Heresy

Shortly before departing for the Isstvan system, all of the commanders swore an oath to follow Horus, rather than the Emperor. It can be assumed that the top levels of the leadership of the Janizars were corrupt at this point, although the only commander not to be was Varvarus. He was mortally wounded on Aureus by a bolter shot, but the autopsy revealed the shot had come from a Luna Wolves bolter. It is possible that this was an attempt by Horus to have Varvarus removed as he knew he would not betray the Emperor.[2] Maloghurst recruited a personal gang of thugs aboard the Vengeful Spirit from the ranks of the Byzant Janizars, but the ultimate fate of the unit as a whole is unknown.[3]