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Cabal of the Bloody Libation

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The Cabal of the Bloody Libation is a vile Aeldari Corsairs group, that was once active in the Koronus Expanse.[1]


During that time, the Cabal was allied with the Heretics of the Amerat Union. However in In 742.M41 the Union Heretek Jagerdamen began a search for an artefact of unholy power. This led him to the Cemetery World Agusia, where the Union and Cabal searched for the artefact. However the pirates were betrayed by one of their own and this allowed a combined Rogue Trader fleet to ambush the Union and Cabal. This began the Battle of Agusia, which ended when the Union's forces were destroyed. The Cabal is also heavily mauled and scatter into the void.[1]