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Cackling Abomination

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A Cackling Abomination is a type of Daemonhost that is created, when a Dark Eldar Haemonculi binds a Slaanesh Daemon within an Eldar's body.[1]


They were first created when a truly mad Haemonculi began experimenting on the flesh of a captured Daemonette, in the hopes of better understanding the connects between the Eldar and the Chaos God Slaanesh. However the fearless Daemon's Warp-flesh proved to be an impossible subject for the Dark Eldar's sadistic experimentation. In a moment of desperate genius, the Haemonculus then used arcane magic to bind the spirit of the Daemonette into the body of an Eldar slave. The resulting internal battle caused the slave's death, but not before the Daemonette devoured the Eldar's broken mind and took possession of its body. This new Daemonhost was then subjected by the Haemonculus to experiments so bizarre that they defy description, but resulted in the creation of the first Cackling Abomination. These Daemonhosts are perverted, twisted monstrosities, that appear to be contorted and stretched Eldar, but bare a terrifying jester's grin, and have extended arms that end in long clawed fingers. Most notably though, is that the Abominations give off an aura of insanity and madness, which they desire to spread. Those struck by the aura, have their minds bombarded by crazed laughter filled with mocking secrets and can even be driven insane, if an Abomination emits the raw light of the Warp at them through its crazed grin. The Daemonhosts also move in eerie silence, in order to surprise and subdue their victims. Though once in the Abomination's grasp they are not killed outright. Instead the Daemonhost will secure its captives, so they can not escape, and will then begin cackling with insane glee, before it starts to perform horrific torments upon them.[1]