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Cadian 142nd Armoured

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The Cadian 142nd Armoured are a Cadian Armoured Regiment of the Astra Militarum.[1a][1b]

Known Actions


The 142nd Armoured is amongst those armoured regiments that denotes a vehicle's company assignment by painting three vertical bands of various colours on the front of the vehicle's track sections.[1a][1b] Notably, a triple of red-white-red denotes the regiment's First Company.[1a][1b][Conflicting sources]


The regiment is known to possess a single Tank Destroyer squadron, attached to the First Company.[1b]

In addition to its native assets, three Shadowsword Super Heavy Tanks from the Cadian 12th Heavy Tank Company are permanently attached to the 142nd Armoured.[1c]



Conflicting sources

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