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Cadian 23rd Armoured

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Uniform Basic Data
- Cadian -
Homeworld: Cadia
Regiment Type: Armoured[1]

The Cadian 23rd Armoured, nicknamed "The Emperor's Hammer",[1] was a Cadian Regiment. It was mostly destroyed during the 13th Black Crusade.[2]


At full strength, it constituted nine companies, with each company primarily composed of Leman Russ Battle Tanks along with several variants such as Vanquishers, Executioners and Conquerors. It also possessed a Heavy Company of Baneblades, a Recon Squadron of Sentinels, an Anti-Aircraft Squadron of Hydra Flak Tanks, a Workshop Squadron of Atlas vehicles and a Supply Squadron of Trojans.[1] By the later stages of the 13th Black Crusade, the unit was greatly reduced in strength, fielding less than 30 tanks.[2]

Known campaigns

  • 999.M41: 13th Black Crusade
    • Battles for Kasr Gehr:[3] The unit was involved in fierce combat during these battles[1] alongside the Cadian 24th Armoured and Cadian 180th,[3] reducing it to three companies of Leman Russ tanks (30 total), one Baneblade, the command company with Colonel Polski's personal Leman Russ and Chimera command variants, as well as a variety of support assets. The extent of the regiment's losses served as testimony to the intense fighting the 24th faced during the Black Crusade.[1]
    • Ursarkar E. Creed's counter-offensive: As a result of communication difficulties due to Black Legion raids, the 23rd and Cadian 987th Armoured launched their attacks prematurely. Regardless, the combined forces of the two initially overran a ten kilometre deep Chaos Cult defense line and moved toward the mountains north of Kasr Myrak. There, they encountered a column of Chaos tanks, destroying them in a two-hour long battle. In the end, however, they were assaulted by Chaos Raptors and Heldrakes which gradually wiped out the two units.[2]

Known members

  • PolskiColonel. Commander by the Battle for Kasr Gehr;[1] also commander of the Cadian 24th Armoured at the time.[3]
  • Brasq — Commander by Creed's counter-offensive. KIA when his tank was destroyed by a Heldrake.[2]
  • Corter — Driver of Brasq's tank. KIA when the tank was destroyed by a Heldrake.[2]

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