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Cadian 39th (Traitor Guard)

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Uniform Basic Data
- Cadian 39th -
Homeworld: Cadia
Regiment Type: Mixed infantry and armour[1a]

The Cadian 39th 'Xenobane' was a Cadian Shock Troopers regiment that turned to Chaos, becoming a Traitor Guard unit.[1a] It was ultimately destroyed during the Third Aurelian Crusade.[1b] Afterwards, a new Cadian 39th was created by the Imperium.[2]


The soldiers of the Cadian 39th had a repuation as experts in anti-Xenos warfare, for example successfully eliminating a Hrud infestation on Chinchare. The regiment thus earned the nickname "Xenobane".[3]

In late M41, the Cadian 39th was posted on Typhon Primaris.[1a][4] After years of murderous warfare against local Orks and Tyranids, the unit went renegade. Led by a Baneblade commander, the Cadian 39th renounced its loyalty to the Imperium, and joined a Chaos Cult. The unit consequently broadcast its decision, claiming that it had been abandoned by the Imperial high command and warning other Imperials that anyone entering the Cadian 39th's territory would be shot on sight. Centered at the Ladon Temple Ruins, the Traitor Guard Regiment then attempted to assert its independence. However, outsiders ultimately intervened, defeating the Cadian 39th, killing its commander and destroying much its infrastructure.[1a] Whatever remained of the unit was wiped out when the Imperium subjected Typhon Primaris to an Exterminatus.[1b]

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