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Cadian 412th

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Uniform Basic Data
- Cadian 412th -
Homeworld: Cadia
Regiment Type: Mixed infantry and armour

The Cadian 412th was a regiment of the Cadian Shock Troopers.[1]


Mission to Lorn V

The Cadian 412th on Lorn V

The 412th, under the command of General Sturnn, were assigned the mission of recovering an ancient fallen Horus Heresy-era Imperial Titan, bearing the name Dominatus. Their initial insertion near the ruins of Talorn had them come into immediate hostile contact with the World Eaters Chaos Marines. The mission quickly became more complicated as it turned into a full campaign against Orks, Chaos and Necrons.[1]

After establishing a foothold in Talorn, The 412th pushed outward, fighting Chaos forces for every foot of ground, demolishing their defensive gates and lines. Sturnn continued until coming to a Warp-powered barrier that was impossible to bring down, no matter how hard his troops hit it. The Eldar Farseer Taldeer and her Ulthwé forces aided him in secret by bringing down the barrier from behind.[1a] The 412th swarmed through the now disabled gate, but the cost of just these opening objectives had their causalities reaching into the thousands. Unfortunately, the transport carrying the crew sent to begin the recovery of the Titan (and its escort of Ultramarines) was shot down in Chaos controlled territory. The 412th embarked on a massive rescue mission, again secretly assisted by the Eldar when Taldeer ordered her forces to clear the way of the Orkz artillery. Facing surprisingly little resistance, the 412th hit the Chaos forces from the rear and swiftly cut their way to the Titan's crew, successfully rescuing them.[1b]

Receiving a communication from Taldeer, the 412th' entered into a temporary alliance due to mounting causalities and the increasingly difficulty of the mission. Sending the bulk of his forces to the Eldars location, they opened a path for the Eldar to retreat to the safety of the Imperial's defensive lines.[1c] Together, the Imperials and the Eldar held off a massive attack by the Orkz, barely winning the day thanks to Imperial Guard reinforcements, including a massive Baneblade. The 412th, aided by the Ultramarines and the Eldar, then began to escort the Titan's crew towards an ancient gate blocking the way to the Titan. However, despite this alliance, the Eldar abandoned the 412th and used them to distract the Orkz and Chaos forces, passing through the gate as it sealed behind them and reaching the Titan ahead the 412th.[1d]

Eventually the 412th managed to bypass the gate and started to set up defensive positions around the Titan. Forward phalanxes were attempting to defend the Titan from all non-Imperial forces. They witnessed Eldar using power siphoned from the Titan's weapons to recharge a Soulstone, swearing that the xenos would pay for such an act, before the Eldar forced them back. Retreating to their fortified base of operations, the 412th was preparing an attack on the Eldar, when they were once again contacted by Taldeer for aid. Despite the earlier betrayal, the 412th once again came to the Eldar's aid, when they were told that the Eldar had no interest in the Titan and would readily leave it to them once the Necron forces were destroyed. The 412th defended the ancient relic as the Titan's crew brought its weapons online. They watched as the Titan's multi-lasers rapidly demolished the Necron's Monoliths, eliminating the Necron threat.[1e]

Immediately afterwards, the Titan began to explode from the inside, killings it crew, and the Eldar turned their weapons upon the 412th and gunned down all troops near the Titan, before fleeing into the Webway. The surving members of the 412th were force to retreat from the planet due to the loss of so many troops and their commander. A black ribbon was attached to the 412th banner as a reminder of their defeat on Lorn V failure in securing the Titan.[1e][3]

Regimental Composition

The Cadian 412th does not follow the standard enlistment of other Cadian regiments, adhering to its own structure. They do not use standard Command Squads, instead using command squads composed of commissars, Ministorum Priests and Sanctioned Psykers, but no Guardsmen.[1]

The 412th had access to Ogryn and Kasrkin troops.[1]

The 412th had access to armored vehicles and tanks. These included: Sentinels, Chimeras, Hellhounds, Basilisks, Leman Russes, and atleast one Baneblade and one Valkyrie.

The 412ths troops' weapons included: bayonets, swords, chainswords, Laspistols, Lasguns, Plasma guns, Grenade Launchers, hand grenades, and Ripper guns (for the Ogryns).


Conflicting sources

In the novel Dawn of War: Tempest (Novel), General Sturnn reached the Titan first. He was visited by Space Marines from the Blood Ravens Chapter, who arrived in the company of Farseer Taldeer. Their goal was to activate the dormant Eldar Webway gate underneath the Titan. It also transpires that the Ultramarines who had come from orbit were actually Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines in disguise.[2]

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