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Cadian 8th

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Uniform Basic Data
- Cadian 8th -
Homeworld: Cadia
Regiment Type: Mixed infantry, armour, artillery[3][6]

The Cadian 8th is a Cadian Shock Troopers regiment. It is known as the Lord Castellan's Own[2a][4a] and Creed's Legacy[8], since their former Colonel, Ursarkar E. Creed, went on to become the Lord Castellan and Supreme Commander of Cadia's military during the Imperial defence against the 13th Black Crusade.[4d]

The unit was mostly destroyed during the fall of Cadia,[5] but some remnants successfully retreated from their homeworld and have continued to fight for the Imperium.[8]


The low number of the Cadian 8th suggests it was founded thousands of years ago[2b], perhaps in the very earliest days of the Imperium. Destroyed numerous times since then, the 8th has always been re-founded, continuing an almost unbroken record of service.[2b]

It was during the 13th Black Crusade that the 8th was renamed The Lord Castellan's Own after their former Colonel, Ursarkar E. Creed, who became Lord Castellan of Cadia.[4a][4d] Creed had steadily risen in the ranks of the 8th throughout his career. Starting as a young Lieutenant during the Drussite Crusade[4c], he had risen to the rank of Lord General by the time he crushed an Ulthwé raid on Aurent in 992.M41.[2d] With the destruction of much of Cadia's high command by the treacherous Volscani Cataphracts at the Battle of Tyrok Fields, Creed was finally appointed to Cadia's highest military position.[2d][4d]

The 8th fought all throughout the 13th Black Crusade. While Creed may have been promoted far above a normal regimental commander, he still acted as Colonel-in-Chief of the 8th, occasionally leading them to battle,[4b] as the Cadian Shock Regiments attempted to purge the taint of Chaos from their beloved homeworld. However, the Cadian 8th was largely annihilated during Creed's final stand as Cadia was destroyed by Abaddon the Despoiler.[5] However, elements of the regiment, including some of its tanks, were successfully evacuated from the dying world.[7b] The survivors of the Cadian 8th subsequently fought on Vigilus during the War of Beasts.[8]

Important Battles and Events


Ursarkar E. Creed and the Cadian 8th at the Battle of Tyrok Fields

Before the 13th Black Crusade, the Cadian 8th numbered around 8,000 men, or roughly 24 companies.[2a][Note 1] It fielded a dedicated tank group[7a], including a number of Leman Russ Battle Tanks.[3][7a] The regiment is also known to contain artillery.[6] Before its destruction, Kasr Rorzann served as the regiment's home fortress.[2a][9]

The companies of the 8th are in high demand with other Cadian divisions, with the regiment rarely serving together as a cohesive whole. It is often split into smaller sized elements.[2a][4b][7a] At any given time, at least two full companies are training on Prosan with two more companies permanently garrisoned on Kasr Sonnen and Kasr Holn.[2a] Many others are split up between providing an honour guard for Cadia's highest ranking military elite[4b] or seconded to the retinues of various Inquisitors.[2a] Their officers are in high demand too, attached to training cadres to ensure that newly raised Cadian regiments meet the exacting standards required by the Cadian military.[2a][4b]


Known Vehicles

Known Personnel



  • The nickname of the Cadian 8th (the Lord Castellan's Own) references the names of a number of British Army regiments, both modern and historical, that had similar nicknames, for example The Royal Lancers (known as Queen Elizabeths' Own) or the 33rd (or First Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment (known as the Duke of Wellington's Regiment).


  • Note 1: The source here states that twelve Companies of the Cadian 8th (roughly 4,000 men) comprises roughly half of the regiment.[2a] This would put the regiment's full strength at about 24 companies and 8,000 Guardsmen.

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