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Cadian Blood (Novel)

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Cadian Blood
Cadian Blood novel cover.jpg
Cover art by Hardy Fowler
Author Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Publisher Black Library
Series Imperial Guard
Preceded by Gunheads (Novel)
Followed by Redemption Corps (Novel)
Released October 2009
Pages 320
Collected in Honour Imperialis
Editions 2009 softcover:
ISBN 9781844167708

Cadian Blood is an Imperial Guard novel by Aaron Dembski-Bowden and was first published in October 2009.

Book Description

When the Imperial shrine world of Kathur is blighted by Chaos, the brave Guardsmen of Cadia are sent to reclaim it. The plague of Nurgle has set in deeply on the planet, forcing the Cadians into battle with an innumerable legion of the infected. In the midst of battle, Captain Parmenion Thade is thrust into an unlikely commanding role. Yet, he cannot imagine what lies ahead on Kathur, and just how important it will be to ensure victory there.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Cadian Blood (Novel)

The story starts with the dying of the shrineworld Kathur. The entire population turns either renegade or falls to the Plague of Unbelief. The Enforcers and PDF are quickly overwhelmed. An Imperial Fleet places the planet in quarantine. After several weeks the Reclamation begins. Several Imperial Guard regiments and half a Company of the Raven Guard. When on a mission to reinforce the Jardus 6th holding a monastery the Cadian 88th Armoured Regiment led by Warden-Captain Parmenion Thade confirm the presence of the XIV Legion, the Death Guard. They leave the monastery because the Jardus 6th has been wiped out. Back on base the Overseer of the Reclamation decides the Cadians need to get a spine and he seconds a Commissar to Thade's force. From that point on Thade and his 300 men strong army are seconded to Inquisitor Caius. The Reclamation takes a turn for the worst when an Chaos fleet appear near Kathur led by Terminus Est. The Imperial fleet is able to damage the ship more severely then ever since the Battle for Terra but they are destroyed. The Raven Guard make planet fall and join the Cadian forces on the surface. In a desperate attempt to beat Typhus to his price the Cadians move to the monastery. The thrice-outnumbered Raven Guard engage the Death Guard in a series of hit-and-run strikes. At long lest the Cadians arrive at the remains of a Death Guard battleship which crashed on the planet in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. The regiments Psyker, Seth, becomes possessed by the Daemon Prince of Nurgle which spirit still resides in the ship. The Daemon Prince kills the Inquisitor but after a short battle he is killed by the Cadians. When feeling the death of his comrade Typhus turns around and leaves the planet swearing never again to be distracted by some fool from his past. The 50 surviving Cadians build a fort and survive several weeks and when the main Reclamation force finally arrives they found a group of dirty, unshaven stinking warriors. The newly promoted Warden-Colonel Thade and his men return to Cadia to fight the Archenemy.

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