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Cadulon is a Captain and former Company Champion of the Iron Knights Chapter. Cadulon rose to the position of Company Champion when his predecessor was killed by a Dark Eldar slaver-queen in battle on the planet of Cystan. Over the centuries that followed, Cadulon became renowned for his swordsmanship and became known as the "Saint of Blades" for his skill at arms and became revered by every Chapter that sent warriors to the ritual Feast of Blades. Three times Cadulon represented his Chapter at the Feast of Blades, winning the first time he entered and narrowly losing the second time. The third time he entered, Cadulon claimed victory for a second time, one of only a handful of Space Marines to do so.[1]

Eventually, Cadulon was promoted to Captain and served with distinction for nearly a century in command of the Iron Knights Fourth Company until 226.M41, when he crossed blades with the Dark Eldar Archon Khargiel on the planet Omeros. With his command squad and his own Company Champion kept busy by the twisted alien’s minions, Cadulon found himself fighting single-handedly against the Archon and a dozen Incubi. Even the "Saint of Blades" could not hold out against so many skilled foes, and he was incapacitated. The last that any of his Battle Brothers saw of Cadulon, he was being carried, still struggling against a dozen captors, into the writhing darkness of a webway portal.[1]

After being taken captive, Cadulon was forced to battle Lelith Hesperax in the Wych arenas of Commorragh. The duel lasted for over six hours before he finally fell, managing to land a cut across Hesperax's midfriff.[2]

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