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Caeon was a Commander of the Soul Drinkers Chapter.[1a]

He was notable for commanding Soul Drinkers forces in battle on Quixian Obscura[1b][1e] and for killing the Eldar Corsair Prince Arcudros.[1b]

When the Adeptus Administratum planned a raid of the Van Skorvold Star Fort, based on intelligence that the star fort's owners, the Van Skorvold Cartel, were engaged in the smuggling of mutants and artefacts, the Adept in charge of the operation, Consul Senioris Chloure, spread information concerning the operation to the Soul Drinkers. The Soul Drinkers agreed to assist after learning that the Van Skorvolds had come into possession of a legendary lost relic of the Chapter known as the Soulspear. Caeon personally led a force of roughly 300 Marines in an attack on the star fort in order to neutralise any resistance, apprehend the heads of the cartel and locate and retrieve the Soulspear.[1a]

As the Marines divided into strike forces to search the star fort and seize multiple objectives simultaneously, Caeon's Marines stormed the inner sanctum in order to capture Veritas Van Skorvold, one of the leaders of the cartel.[1a] However, due to a rare medical condition she suffered from which stunted her growth, Caeon initially mistook her for a servant girl.[1a][1b] This mistake would prove fatal for Caeon, as it enabled Veritas to stab him with a digi-needler, injecting him with a virulent xeno-toxin that not even a Space Marine's genhanced physiology could withstand.[1a][1b]

As he lay dying, Caeon named Sarpedon commander of the remainder of the mission.[1b] He died as Sarpedon led the Soul Drinkers in an attack on the Marines' Adeptus Mechanicus allies, who had betrayed them and stolen the Soulspear for themselves.[1b][1c] In the resulting conflict, the Soul Drinkers ended up destroying the star fort; Caeon's body was destroyed when the space station reentered Lakonia's atmosphere.[1d]

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