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The Imperium occupies Calastar

Calastar, known by its Imperial occupiers as the Impossible City, is a derelict Eldar city and one of the principal hubs of the webway. Bordering the man-made tunnels of the Webway Project, it was the focal point of the War Within the Webway.


Calastar was a city built in 360-degrees, its impossible dimensions disorienting to the human eye. The city was made up of winding pathways across plateaus and rises leading to apex structures. The chasm beneath the bridges of Calastar was determined by the Mechanicum to be so deep that anyone falling into it would die of old age before they reached the bottom.[1a]


  • Catacombs — The labyrinthine passages of the catacombs bordered the man-made sections of the webway that led to the Imperial Dungeon.[1b]
  • Godspire — The tallest spire in the city, the approach lined with statues of Eldar gods. Used as a command center by Tribune Endymion and Commander Krole.[1a]
  • Magnus' Folly — The outer tunnels, beyond the city proper, compromised by Magnus the Red's attempt to contact the Emperor.[1a]
  • Ossuary — Also known as the Bone Garden. A narrow tunnel fit for processionals, lifeless Eldar automata stood in the organic powder and gemstone dust - the only remains of botanical and crystalline wonders - to either side of the road.[1b]