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Calibanite Lion

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Calibanite Lions are the most fierce and deadly of all the great beasts of Caliban. Of all the heroes of their time, only Lion El'Jonson and Zahariel have ever killed one.

Their name comes from a mane of razor-sharp spines around their neck (aside from being quadrupeds with paws, this is the only feature that likens them to their Terran namesakes). Each paw's claws are as sharp as knives and incredibly deadly.

Lions also have two lethally sharp, enlarged teeth protruding from their top jaw as well as a natural armored skin that is able to patch itself and shift where needed. Calibanite lions also have orange eyes with reptile-like, slitted black pupils. As with all the great beasts of Caliban, they possess an almost unworldly intelligence and seem to enjoy causing suffering. They can also shrug off pain and wounds without second thought.

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