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Caligari Sector

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File:Caligari Sector Galactic Map.jpg
Caligari Sector's map from holo-screen of Ragna van Wynter's ship.

The Caligari Sector is a vast and ancient Sector of the Imperium that is located in the Segmentum Tempestus. It is far from the guiding light of the Astronomican and riven by foul tempests known as Warp Surges that can twist reality and cut off entire Systems for centuries, leaving them ripe for Chaos infestation and Xenos invaders.[1]

The Inquisitors of the Caligari Conclave are charged with the safety of the Sector.[1]


The sector was once ruled by an enigmatic Xenos species known as the Fabricatus. Their homeworld - FLZ-672 - is a dry and barren planet, located in the Ventus System within the Sub-sector Atroxia. Long ago, this race wrote the Visceram Prophecy about the Alpha Pariah and its role, although they didn't know anything about what kind would represent this being and how it would be created. Soon after the Fabricatus vanished. According to the Adeptus Mechanicus this race never left Caligari and they existed during Ancient History, when humans made their very first steps at Holy Terra.[2]

During the Dark Age of Technology humanity started to colonize planets in this sector. It is unknown how advanced humans in the Caligari Sector were, however, according to the Mechanicus from the Forge World Thule, the heretek spread very quickly. In that age there also existed an unknown alien race on Torque Prime, probably hostile towards settlers from Terra and Mars. Also the ancient Eldar Empire, because they terraformed and colonised the paradise world Lauriach. When the Cybernetic Revolt came and after that, the Fall of the Eldar, Caligari fell like the rest of the galaxy into the Age of Strife. Cut off from the rest of the universe, the planets fell into anarchy and chaos. It ended when the Great Crusade reunited this region and established Imperial rule of law here.[2]

The Caligari sector was kept in the hands of the Imperium through the next several thousand years. After the Age of Apostasy it became an asylum for refugees who were loyal to the fallen High Lord of Terra Goge Vandire. Being far away from most of the Imperial authorities it was a perfect place to hide for the crew of the Martyr - a powerful Inquisitorial battlecruiser commanded by Gregor van Wynter, a member of Uther Tiberius' retinue. The inquisitor started to experiment on the DNA of Pariahs, engineering an army of ex-Daemonhosts in order to destroy Chaos. He found help in the form of the terrifying and cold-blooded Chaos Space Marine Fabius Bile. The Emperor's Children Apothecary agreed to help the Radical inquisitor, however, according to his words the inquisitor betrayed him in the end and claimed his most precious creation - the Alpha Pariah. After that, Tiberius started to experiment on daemons and found many ruins of the Fabricatus through the entire sector. However, the Caligari Sector was cut off by Warp Surges created by the Ruinous Powers, who invaded the sector's planets and feared Tiberius and his creation. Thus the Dark Nexus was born. They tried to find the Martyr, but then it went into Immaterium, without Tiberius and Gregor on board. After that, the former was buried on a secret planet and the latter created his own Rogue Trader dynasty, well-renowned and known by Inquisition.[2]

Five thousand years later the Caligari Sector became once again connected via the Warp and Astropaths to the rest of Imperium of Mankind. At the same time the Tyranid Hive-Fleet Garmr attacked the sector. Unfortunately, the Mechanicus's decision to enact Exterminatus upon Lauriach complicated the Inquisition-Eldar relations, because this planet was given by the Conclave into the hands of Aeldari from Tuathal Craftworld for evacuation from infested vessel to a paradise world. The destruction created a new conflict in the Caligari Sector because the Xenos saw the Imperium of Man as traitors, who have broken the pact which they accepted. They didn't try to believe in the Inquisition's words that the doom wasn't signed by no member of Holy Ordo. Without Lauriach, Tuathal became lost.[2]

In 999.M41 the Caligari Sector was invaded by many Xenos, including Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Tyranid remnants. Numerous rebellions started to spread, and far worse, vast Chaos attacks started. Many cults, bands, and armadas invaded those planets and stations, for example Nereus III, where the Alpha Legion with Word Bearers and Black Legion by order of Abaddon the Despoiler tried to open a second front and forced the Imperium to left the defense of Cadia when the 13th Black Crusade started. However, a miracle happened - after millennia the Martyr reappeared. Years before, the radicals - Klosterheim and his mentor - started to find treasures of Uther Tiberius, but in order to protect his student, the elder Inquisitor vaporized his memory. When the Martyr reappeared in 999.M41, the inquisitor with the help of Space Marines from the Rogue Trader Ragna van Wynter and her crew explored the warship, finding a Space Marine of the Stormwatcher Chapter - Caius Thorn - and Klosterheim himself. However, he lost most of his troops at the Martyr in a fight against Nurgle's infestation.[2]


The Caligari Sector has many different cultures, at every planet. On one of them, humans are organized in primitive tribes, while other planets are feudal or civilized worlds. Not much of them have landscapes with hives to the edge of the horizon. Most planets are controlled by the Adeptus Administratum while some of them are governed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Most of the planets believe in the Emperor of Mankind or Machine-God, however, some of them, where Chaos spreads, believe in the Ruinous Powers or are slaves of Xenos, like Drukhari. In the Cult of the Mechanicus, some of the Tech-Priests are members of the Xenarite faction, so they have good relations with aliens, mostly with Aeldari. Because the Holy Ordo rules this sector people in Caligari fear and serve the Conclave in their mission of purging planets from Chaos influence or Xenos raiders.[2]

The currency of the Caligari Sector is known as Caligari Credits.[2]



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