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Calistis Merovin

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Calistis Merovin was a Knight-Centura of the Sisters of Silence during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

Calistis was assigned to accompany the White Scars on the Chondax Campaign, overseeing 63 Sisters during the battles in the Chondax System. As the White Scars learned of the Horus Heresy and decided to escape Chondax, Calistis was with Tsolmon Khan's forces on Byfurst and took part in the battles against Alpha Legion forces on the world. All of her fellow Sisters were killed in the battle, and Calistis herself was badly wounded. However Tsolmon Khan was able to have her body evacuated to the vessel Hawkstar, which was eventually recovered by Jaghatai Khan's fleet.[1]